New Reflection on the Visitation at Spiritual Uprising Magazine

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I’m honored for my work to have been published in the May Issue of Spiritual Uprising Magazine.

Check it out at the Up Ministries website. There are many other wonderful articles and topics for prayer and meditation.

You can read the issue for free, or choose to contribute a $3.00 donation to support the wonderful things they are starting there.

A taste from my article on my FAVORITE rosary mystery:

The mutual confiding between these two women of the mystery of new life hidden within them profoundly illustrates theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar’s description of the proper human disposition toward truth. Balthsar talks about how truth is very much expressed in relationship: it requires “unveiling” and “receptivity” (cf. Balthasar Theo-Logic). Mary certainly unveils her special relationship with God to Elizabeth, as being “the mother of the Lord”—a truth that perhaps has not yet been revealed even to her betrothed Joseph. And Elizabeth is actually able to intuit this as soon as Mary greets her at the door!   (Shea, “The Visitation: A Reflection” Spiritual Uprising Magazine May 2014)

For more information on the Spiritual Uprising publication and Up Ministries, check out the website:

4 thoughts on “New Reflection on the Visitation at Spiritual Uprising Magazine

  1. I’ll never forget the day you told me about the Visitation, while we were out walking on the Campion Trails. Because of that day, it’s one of my favorite mysteries too!

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