Thoughts Forthcoming…

In the meantime, I’m grading approximately 1.54 billion essays and performance assessments.

Okay, fine. The performance assessments are done now.

They had to create Reading Strategies booklets. That is, they had to create “How to Read Dante’s Inferno” books for the future sophomores based upon what they had been learning.

Yes, I teach my high school students how to read. If you don’t do that – and you teach ANY high school subject – Science, Math, Religion, Social Studies, whatever – you need to start right now.

Or maybe next fall. You get the idea.

A preview of my students’ awesome stuff, which I’ll be writing about soon:

I have so many things to say about this booklet. This student impressed me so much with his attention to detail and to anticipating future students’ misunderstandings.


This is the best advice ever. I keep trying to give it, but they forget easily. So I’m glad this girl remembered:

Note: “If Dante can get through hell, you can get through this book!” Amen, sister.


And this is probably my favorite:

Now if she would only follow her own advice…


Ah. As I said on my Facebook page, I feel so blessed. But now I have a whole new batch of kids to miss.

One thought on “Thoughts Forthcoming…

  1. Thanks. Fascinating blog subject. Once launched on reading Dante there’s whole universes opening up. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox.

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