One thought on “Opening Ourselves up to Critical Feedback

  1. Thanks for this bit of affirmation. As well as a good resource for a presentation I will actually be giving at a teacher workshop in a few days. An additional aspect is to have the students write down one or two goals (this is for a composition course) — what they want to work on / improve in the next “unit” or essay. But this works for literature courses as well. What do they need to focus on in the reading skills that would have helped them on this assessment? Also, having the students self-reflect and comment on what the assessment shows that the “know” or “can do” is also a positive take on this follow up conference — puts some emphasis on what they did well! Again, thanks for your encouragement — professionally and spiritually.
    Grady – QSI-International School of Tbilisi (Tbilisi, Georgia)

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